Oregon’s Legislature Votes Out Public Representative For Representing The Public

When state Representative Mike Nearman talked to me Monday, he expected the Oregon Legislature to expel him.

Yesterday, Nearman’s fellow lawmakers did just that: the first time it’s happened in more than 160 years.

It made national news today with a lot of hyperbolic language…about the “breach” of the capitol…about “rioters”from  the “far right”.

How about some facts.  Oregon has laws that let the Governor declare an emergency for 30 days and then Kate Brown must consult the people’s representatives.

She’s maintained the emergency for more than a year.

State buildings can be locked down.  But the state Constitution is crystal clear…if you want to write new laws, the legislature must be open to the public.

Under Kate Brown’s direction, the legislature has met behind closed and locked doors.

On December 21st, Mike Nearman opened one of those locked doors and let four men walk in.  Oregon State Police quickly intercepted them and ushered them out.

So the people’s representatives have expelled a representative of the people, for allowing four members of the public into a public building that’s required to be open to the public during a legislative session.

Oh, he’s a conservative republican…which I think is the real crime Kate Brown and her Democrat cabal really care about. Mike joins me on air today at 1:30.