Oregon’s Legislators Ignore The People And Bring Death To The Death Penalty

A few decades ago, a state lawmaker schooled me on the then crazy idea of revoking a law citizens had voted for.

Ain’t gonna happen, he told me.  You don’t cross the voters.

8 years ago, Oregon lawmakers overwhelmingly approved drivers licenses for illegal aliens.  The very next year, citizens voted just as overwhelmingly to reject it.

Lawmakers didn’t get the message so two years ago, they repassed the very same law and told voters to go to hell.

That fall, the Secretary of State refused to let citizens put it back up for a vote.

Now, we’re seeing the same treatment for capital punishment.

(70 percent of Americans approve of the death penalty including majorities among black, women and democrat voters.)

Oregon voters have approved it two times.

Elected liberals don’t like it.  So, two years ago, the alleged representatives of the people voted to trim it like a fat hog. They made a law that means, as a practical matter, it will never be used again

And now the courts, including judges not chosen by voters, plan to put the death penalty to death.

But they don’t plan to ask voters…because they know it would win solid approval just like it did in very liberal California just a few years ago

If you get the impression our so called government servants don’t give a damn what citizens think…you’re right!