Oregon’s Government to Voters: You Can’t Handle the Truth!

By Lars Larson

Sometimes our government masters behave like the best bad guys in a movie. Oregon voters decide this November whether to allow the biggest single tax increase in history – three billion dollars.

Where will that money be spent?  The voters pamphlet tells a fairy tale to voters. Right now it says the money will go to schools and health care and services for seniors They might as well have added in puppies, rainbows and unicorns.

Fact is, the legislature can spend the three billion dollars a year any damn place they want to spend it. Fact is, most of it will likely go to pay for fat public pensions currently billions in the red

A panel of state officials has been arguing about whether that description should be rewritten.

And now we’re getting roughly the same answer Hollywood supplies – They’re not going to rewrite the info….cause voters can’t handle the truth.



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