Oregon’s AG Commits Perjury And Puts Your 2A  Rights In Danger

Oregon’s Attorney General believes she can lie to a Federal Judge and get away with it.

The American civil rights of more than 4 million citizens hang in the balance.

Friday, U.S. District Judge Karin Immergut heard one of three lawsuits against the  voter-approved gun-ban known as Measure 114.

This coming Thursday, the purchase of any gun by any citizen…even off duty cops…is banned by law. The permit required does not exist…and neither does the class required to GET the permit.

The state police told the Judge the state would be ready to go with a permit process by Thursday.

Then late last night, the AG told the Judge that only Friday afternoon…AFTER the hearing…did the state suddenly realize it could not possibly get the permits going in time.  So the state lied.

Can the government make you get a permit to exercise a U.S. Constitutional right?

Poll tests and taxes…used to deny black Americans the vote…got struck down some time ago. Can you imagine getting a permit to engage in free speech, or assemble peacefully, to go to church or own a bible?

Permits to own a gun make as little sense as that.

And lying to Judges should come with punishment.