Oregon Shows Why 1 Party In Charge Puts Us All In Danger

Would you like to know the danger of one-party rule in a state?

Oregon offers a great example.  For the past one-third of a century, Democrat Governors have called the shots…with Kate Brown ascending to the office by accident…after the resignation of corrupt democrat John Kitzhaber.

For those 30 plus years, Governors have appointed nearly all of the Judges who sit in Oregon courts…from circuit court all the way to the court of appeals.

Lately, Lame Duck Governor Kate has been cutting loose convicted criminals…more than a thousand of them.

That includes more than 70 of the worst kind of criminals, murderers and rapists.

In most cases, Kate didn’t even give prosecutors and victims the courtesy of being told their attackers were being released.

Two DA’s…from Linn and Lane County sued the governor, challenging her actions.

No big surprise…the Oregon Court of Appeals decided no one could question Kate.  Remember, most of those Judges got their jobs from Democrats like Brown, so they owe her.

The appeals court even had a brutal message for the victims of crime: “Hurt – no matter how sympathetic – does not translate to authority to challenge…the power (of) the Governor”. 

Consider that when you cast your votes November 8th.