Oregon Pats Their Own Back For D- Grad Rates

I certainly hope Oregon’s elected elites in government don’t hurt themselves.

They’ve been patting themselves on the back so much, they might dislocate a shoulder.

Bragging on their less than impressive new high school graduation rate.

“It’s a record high” they’ll tell you.

Record for Oregon…nationally, it still leaves kids in the state graduating at a rate less than that in 41 other states around America.

It still leaves almost 6 thousand kids from the class of ‘22 without even the most basic educational credential you need in today’s society…a diploma

And the gain is tin…from 80 point 6 percent to 81 percent.  Whoo Hoo.

Much of it came from state officials gaming the system…eliminating the rule that says when you miss 10 days of school or more…in a school year that’s already the shortest in the United States…education officials put that on pause using the excuse of the pandemic. 

And most of the gains came for students who are white and not disabled.

That’s especially bad news going forward.  Thanks to Joe Biden’s massive illegal alien invasion of America…six million in just the last two years…the numbers of students of color will shoot up…and they don’t do well in the graduation stats.

Expect our government masters to lecture us that we don’t spend enough on education…but that’s ridiculous…north of 16-thousand dollars per student per year.  

Money doesn’t fix education.  Good management does.  And sadly we’re fresh out of that right now.