Oregon Lawmakers Take Aim Against The Constitution

Oregon lawmakers seem not to pay much attention to the state Constitution.

The latest example comes in a pair of anti-gun bills that seem very likely to pass and get signed by Governor Kotek.

They contain emergency clauses so a public vote on them is forbidden.

The measure passed by voters has already been put on hold by the courts because it violates the Oregon Constitution’s protections of citizen rights to keep and bear arms.

The new laws say if you want to sue to stop them…as citizens did with Measure 114, that suit is forbidden in 35 of Oregon’s 36 counties.

Your betters in Salem have decreed you may only sue in Marion County where liberals hold more sway over Judges.

Does that sound like the fix is in to you, because it surely does to me.

The laws contain all the bad elements of Measure 114 and a whole lot more.

The democrat majority has been rushing the bills through without much public comment, I think that’s deliberate.

Because they’re badly written, the flaws literally make hundreds of thousands of guns that a lot of you already own…illegal to even possess.  

You can’t sell ‘em, trade ‘em or gift them…although it wouldn’t surprise me if the anti-gun plan the liberals want is to have you march your guns down to the nearest police station and surrender them.  

Sounds like Germany in the 30s?  Does to me too.

And it doesn’t sound like the way any American state should treat its law-abiding citizens.