Oregon Dems Once Again Get Dirty Cash, And Hold No One Accountable

It seems Democrats went deeper into the weeds than we even knew. 

It made Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan resign a few days ago.

What’s worse, Democrats refuse to actually launch a criminal investigation. 

Reporter Sophie Peel of Willamette Week, who broke the career-ending story that Fagan and other democrats took hundreds of thousands of dollars from weed retailer La Mota…and we know they did it with sacks of cash.  

Oregon allows unlimited campaign contributions but demands documentation . Cash, as the money guys say, is fungible.  Who’s to say where those bundles of Benjamins came from…and where they went to.

Fagan was on La Mota’s payroll, taking graft totaling fifty percent more than her state paycheck.

Who else got bags of cash?

Governor Tina Kotek, democrat.

Senate Majority leader Rob Wagner, Lake Oswego democrat.

Future Pac that finances Oregon House democrats…two, 10-thousand dollar cash contributions…

State Labor Commissioner and democrat Christina Stephenson, cool, green, untraceable cash.  

The scope of its even stuns liberal lawyer Jason Kafoury. Quote, “That kind of system allows for political corruption. How do you know that all of the cash went into the campaign account and not into a candidate’s pocket?”


Oregon’s last corrupt Governor, John Kitzhaber, resigned in disgrace over far less. 

Bet he’s grinding his teeth about now.