Oregon Democrats Do All They Can To Strip Away Anything Special

Elections used to be something special. Citizenship too.  Not so much anymore.

Everyone is automatically registered to vote whether they choose it or not.

Kids are registered at 16, 2 years before they can even cast a ballot.

“Election day” used to be just that.  Now, it begins when ballots go out three weeks before “the day”…and they can be returned with a post mark, up to a week AFTER “the day”.

That new rule in Oregon is now holding up the results in a hugely important attempted recall of two school board members.

They backed a ban on politics in classrooms of public school kids.  For that common sense move, a lot of out of state forces decided they must be canceled.

We won’t know the result for at least a week, again because, election day AIN’T ELECTION DAY ANYMORE.

Anthony Broadman, an attorney in Bend argues in an op-ed non-citizens ought to vote in our elections.

If you think that’s crazy, New York City just legalized voting by 800-thousand foreign nationals.

As a proud American citizen, you have the right to vote…along with illegals and foreigners.  You get your ballot weeks before election day and it sits in a pile with your other junk mail…and you don’t even have to get it in on time.

Doesn’t that make you feel really special.