Obamacare Will Fail With Or Without A Repeal

Democrats are experiencing something with Obamacare that they weren’t expecting, the government is allowing it to fail.

Now we all know that Obama’s chief piece of legislation is broken. The list of issues with the bill is pretty much endless. But the Democrats never expected that the government would allow it to fail. They assumed that Hillary would be their next President and she would prop up Obamacare on the way to the Democrats main intention all along, single payer.

Since the failure of the latest repeal, Graham-Cassidy, President Trump has been increasingly frustrated with the inability to Congress to pass legislation on healthcare. So what does he do? Let it fail.

And not just passively, actively. Outreach for health care enrollment has been cut by 90 percent, outside groups in charge of reaching out to potential Obamacare sign ups was cut by 41 percent, and the enrollment period has been cut in half.

But that isn’t all, the Trump administration has been resisting efforts by states to stabilize the health care system. 

So now Democrats are running around, absolutely stunned that they can’t convince the President to prop up Obamacare. Their plan to stop Graham-Cassidy and prop up the exchanges is failing and to be totally honest, I couldn’t be happier about it.

Had the Democrats been willing to bargain and deal with Trump on Graham-Cassidy they might have obtained a victory, but now they’re stuck taking the blame for a bill designed to fail them all along.



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