NY DA Bragg Is Setting Himself Up For Failure

American liberals have dreamed of that jail booking mugshot all the way back to the Summer of 2015 when Donald Trump came down the escalator and declared for President.

Trump heads to New York today to surrender himself to a pack of more than 30 criminal charges.

In decades gone by, we only saw political prosecutions like this in Communist dictatorships and 3rd world banana republics…where corrupt individuals used their office to earn millions and pad the pockets of their family and friends.

Sure sounds like the Biden Crime Family to me.

Did President Trump once have a one night stand with a porn actress?  

She says it didn’t happen…and he agrees.

Did he violate federal elections laws?  

Both the DOJ and the federal elections commission decided he did not.

But a George Soros-funded DA named Alvin Bragg brought the charges anyway…the first time an American President has been charged with any crime. 

Shakespeare had this punchy phrase “Hoist with his own petard”.  

Back in the day, it referred to small bombs used to blow open the gate of a castle raiders wanted to take.  If it blew up early, you went with it.

I think DA Bragg is about to light his own petard.  

The only question:  how many fellow democrats does he take with him.