NW Transit: Secondhand Smoke Is Fine As Long As It’s From Deadly Drug

Why are Northwest transit agencies so forgiving when it comes to smoking hard drugs on their trains and buses?

Trimet announced that it has a new study going with the University of Washington to reassure drivers and passengers that when the addicts on MAX light up some fentanyl, it’s really not that dangerous.

Last year, Seattle bus drivers reported nearly two thousand incidents of drug use and fentanyl is lately the drug of choice.

King County officials quickly claimed, and I kid you not, quote “there’s no real risk for the everyday person being exposed to secondhand opioid smoke”.

Those words from Dr. Scott Phillips of the Washington Poison Center.

Meanwhile, Trimet and U-Dub want to PROVE it’s not dangerous.

I just don’t get it.  

Those in government came down on tobacco smokers like a ton of bricks, banning cigarettes and cigars everywhere…even in smoking friendly businesses.

But Fentanyl?  They want to PROVE it’s safe?  

Yep, the same stuff that just yesterday afternoon in Beaverton left a 2 year old toddler not breathing, no pulse, nearly dead and off to the emergency room. 

Trimet could enforce the rules but apparently that’s not in the playbook for an agency facing financial problems and a sharp decline in riders.