NW Politicians Equate Terrorists With Victims

On the West Bank of the Willamette River, woke politicians refuse to vote their support for Israel after the terrorist attack a week ago.

A story so stupid even the Babylon Bee couldn’t make it up.

A few Multnomah County Commissioners, including the sole Jewish member, wanted to send a statement of support for Israel, as virtually every other civilized government in the world has done.

After the biggest slaughter of Jewish people on planet Earth since the holocaust, you’d think it a “no brainer”.

But remember, we’re talking about the Multnomah County commission here, so brains may not play a significant role.

Commissioner Lori Stegman refused to support Israel without also supporting the terrorists: (quote) “…it would be tone deaf not to acknowledge community members who are Palestinian… ”

Stegman apparently thinks memorializing the 12-hundred who died in a terrorist attack would not be complete without giving honor to the terrorists who killed the 12-hundred.

Commissioner Susheela Jayapal doubled down on that notion: (quote) ”I don’t think I can acknowledge loss of one group when there are Palestinian lives being lost as well”.

Yes, the people of Gaza, who elected the Hamas terrorist organization as the majority party in the Palestinian Parliament…the Palestinians who cheered as the terrorists paraded bodies and hostages through the streets of Gaza.

It seems the West Bank of the Willamette has a lot in common…with middle east terrorists.