NW Government Prepares To Require Your Passport To Conformity

Some states have actually banned vaccine passports.

Not Oregon and Washington. both want citizens to submit to an electronic version of a vaccine passport that lets you PROVE you’re vaccinated.

It opens up a whole list of concerns that apparently DON’T concern Kate Brown and Jay Inslee.

Does govt have the authority to do such a thing?

Does it create a database of personal healthcare information?  HIPPA only applies to healthcare institutions but since the state operates clinics and healthcare facilities doesn’t it violate HIPPA with this thing?

Since it’s designed for smart devices won’t it automatically discriminate against the poor and by extension to black and brown people disproportionately?

We all know that many smartphone apps aggregate other info from your phone including who you associate with, where your travel, your social media…

Will govt promise (if you buy govt promises anymore) not to gather and store such data?

Will the businesses that scan the passport also aggregate customer records for business purposes. Will a record be kept of the customers who visited such a business (booze, pot, adult entertainment).

Will the vast records database of the state allow cross checking of vaccinated records with income, political registration, concealed carry, criminal records

Will churches scan your passport for entry?