NW Government “Leads” Citizens Into Violence And Anarchy

I’m finding it harder to believe the chaos here in the Northwest is happening by accident…and more likely that it’s by democrat design.

Consider…this week’s Vax Mandate Massacre has dramatically weakened the most essential public services…police, fire, emergency medical and hospitals.

Last year, Governors Kate Brown and Jay Inslee used the excuse of the pandemic to set thousands of convicted criminals loose…and, guess what?  Violent crime goes up.

At the same time…tie the hands of police in responding to emergencies to the point where last week…a hundred people rioted in downtown Portland…hitting 35 different locations in a short time, doing half a million dollars damage…and officers made no arrests.  Lawmakers saddled police with a new law that removes nearly all the crowd control tools which work.

At the same time, Oregon Health & Sciences University predicts herd immunity from Covid by December…which makes you wonder…did we really need to permanently pink slip all those professionals.

And Governor Kate Brown has announced she plans to grant clemency to hundreds of the most violent criminals…convicted as teenagers…so they can run loose in communities now bare of police protection.

What could possibly go wrong?