NW Government Is Fine With You Burning And Looting, But You Better Wear A Mask While Doing It

It happened right in my Vancouver neighborhood at a grocery store.

 A retired cop shot me a video last night of a cop writing a ticket to a woman for shopping, can you believe it, without a mask on her face.

Now, mind you, within a couple of miles of my house in recent weeks we’ve seen shootings, the murder of an undercover detective, and of course heroin and meth junkies living in tents.

The cops are understaffed and overwhelmed by violent crime and yet their superiors assign them to writing face diaper tickets?

The woman didn’t take it lightly.  She said “this is America.  Are we going to be like Australia”.

She walked out of the store.

Over the last year and a half Americans have watched riots, looting, arson and assault…we’ve heard politicians lie to us about all kinds of things, including face masks.

We’ve learned that a lot of rules are written by elites who feel free to violate them with impunity.

But if they catch you in the grocery without a covering on your face, mandated illegally by governors like Kate and Jay…and you’re going to get written up.

So far today, no comment from Vancouver’s Police Chief

(View the video by clicking the link below)

ticket for shopping maskless 2