NW Government Has A Bad Case Of Hating Natural Gas

Colder than normal weather hitting the Northwest seems a perfect time to remind you about plans our government masters have in mind for us.

Banning the use of the natural gas that heats most of the homes and most of the hot water here.

Bellingham’s already there…Eugene has plans on the drawing board now; Seattle too

What replaces them?  Electricity we’re already short on and shorter still soon .  

So nat gas bans in new construction for now…but even if you already have gas in your home…you’ll be required to rip it out and replace it with electricity. I know, tens of thousands of dollars.  

12 Western coal-fired electric plants shut down in the next five years.  Boardman last year. Centralia shut two months ago.  Much of the electricity now in the Northwest grid goes away and the likelihood of brownouts and blackouts goes to 30% in a few years.

Meanwhile, we’re not building nuclear plants pioneered right here in the region.

At least one Northwest congressman wants to tear our four electricity-producing dams on the snake river

We’re going to have less electricity…at the same time, we require MORE people to use it for MORE things. Like all those electric cars after Washington state makes registering your gas-powered car illegal. 

So enjoy your warm comfy home today…because politicians have plans for it colder than Hillary’s Heart.