No Need To Defund The Police, NW Government Has Other Ways To Put Everyone In Danger

How shall we count the casualties from this week’s “no jab, no job” mass firings?

This morning , I got an email from a washingtons state corrections worker who pulled his 2nd overtime shift this week.  He says dozens of his fellow workers have been put on the bricks already…hundreds more to follow.

He predicts that Jay Inslee will be forced to cut criminals loose from prison.

Even if he doesn’t…you can’t keep working people double shifts for long before mistakes get made.

The same applies to police agencies here in the Northwest that lose hundreds of officers…and begin to work the rest of the cops like a rented mule.

Think what happens when cops make mistakes.  Think what happens when already short-staffed police take twice as long to arrive at a 9-1-1 call where you or someone you love is hurt or dying.

Then they send paramedics…and they’re also short staffed and worn thin by double shifts.

And when you finally arrive at the hospital…sorry, they’ve fired many of their best and strangely, they’ve found it hard to attract new doctors and nurses to Oregon and Washington…where the pandemic produced the most draconian rules among the 50 states.

Government produced a body count for covid.

Will it find a way to count the blood spilled and dead bodies from the mandate massacre?