Nancy Pelosi Cheats The Rest Of America With Massive Inside Stock Info

2022 gets off to a truly strange start with Oregon Democrat U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley saying something I actually agree with.

Merkley slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for defending the kind of insider trading done by Congress-critters on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi has a personal net worth north of 100-million dollars.  Her husband’s rich too.

Both of them make lots of money on stocks.

So, when reporters asked about members of Congress trading on their inside information about the direction of government policies…she backs it up.

Merkley’s response.  “When members hold individual stocks, it can’t help but influence their thinking on policies and tax laws that affect their value.”

About Pelosi, Merkley says “on this issue I disagree with her completely.”

Last year, the Breitbart news organization reported on Pelosi and her husband Paul making almost five million dollars trading on technology stock options.

Pelosio claims she doesn’t own any stocks her husband trades…but she lives in California…a community property state.  Everything he owns, she owns.

No wonder that public polling shows 3 out of 4 Americans believe members of congress and their spouses enjoy an “unfair advantage” trading stocks.

Maybe it’s time for Nancy to do another video from her kitchen, sitting in front of that 24-thousand dollar ice cream freezer of hers.