WATCH: The Real D.B. Cooper

Lars Larson, Northwest Reports 1992
Lars Larson on Northwest Reports in 1992

You’re likely hearing in the news that the FBI has given up on the D.B. Cooper hijacking case.

I’ve known for the last 25 years that the real Cooper was actually Richard McCoy of Provo Utah. McCoy was convicted of a second hijacking less than six months after the Cooper hijack.

Take a look at this story that NW Reports Chief photographer Gordon Coffin (who now operates Moonsail Pictures) and I did back in 1992.

If you’re not convinced by this story, you should get a copy of “The Real McCoy” by Russ Calame and Bernie Rhodes, who helped us put the story together.

Their book has dozens of additional details. I believe, in this case, the FBI missed the real Cooper even though they had him in custody. The good news is, it was the FBI that later got McCoy. He robbed banks and died in a gunfight with agents.



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