Multnomah County’s DA Is Full Of Schmidt

Is anyone else sick of the excuses from Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt?

What can you say about a man who runs to be the prosecutor in the most populous county in a state and then decides he’d rather let criminals go free?

Schmidt’s latest lie to the public…that the lack of public defenders holds him back

That’s pure BS

The DA of Multnomah county prosecutes less than half the theft two and three cases…while neighboring Washington and Clackamas counties prosecute 84 and 93 percent respectively.

Same state…same public defenders…but as usual Schmidt doesn’t want to prosecute criminals.

He’s been pro criminal…especially Antifa criminals who share his politics…since the get go, so why change now.

Those who walk free include car thieves, domestic violence, drunk driving and even hit and run. 

Does it now make sense why we have a 450% increase in liquor theft…270% increase in expensive catalytic converter theft…open drug markets and neighborhood shoot outs among drug dealing gang bangers.

I get my first interview with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler today so I’m going to ask him why he doesn’t call out this malfeasance by Schmidt.