Multnomah County Is Just Blowing Hot Air When It Comes To Their New Ban

You may have seen TV news last night reporting that Multnomah County plans to vote, TODAY, on a gasoline leaf blower ban.

Well, before you worry about becoming an outlaw because of the power tools you have in the garage…they’re blowing a lot of hot air.

I just read the resolution.  It only calls for the county to “accelerate” the government’s OWN use of electric leaf blowers and then TALK to the city of Portland about someday phasing out these handy tools.

I own a couple of gas powered leaf blowers so I suppose I have some leaves in the pile.

But imagine how dumb all of this is.  County crews doing maintenance on hundreds of acres and going to head out with electric leaf blowers…and a truckload of batteries because they’re tackling jobs a lot bigger than we happy homeowners.

Second…if someday they actually BAN the sale of gas leaf blowers, folks will just buy them outside the county…making Multnomah even less business friendly

Although, considering the enthusiasm the government shows for things like mask mandates…someday they may actually ban the possession of a gas leaf blower.

Imagine jackbooted enforcement teams, patrolling your neighborhood on sunny spring Saturdays, listening for that distinctive sound…and when they hear it, swooping in and capturing hapless citizens…so they can be packed off to a green reeducation camp somewhere.