Manahattan DA Doesn’t Have Much To Brag About

I watched the circus put on in Manhattan yesterday by the DA…or Democrat Attorney, Alvin Bragg.  

You know, the one where for the first time in American history, a former and future President of the United States is hauled into court to answer nearly three dozen felony criminal charges.

It sounds bad but if you look closely, but truly folks, there ain’t much there to see. 

Bragg…the same DA who cuts felony charges for actual violent criminals in New York to nothing 52 percent of the time….

Rape, robbery, assault…those don’t matter.

Alvin Bragg dreams of doing what the Russian collusion hoax, Mueller investigation, and two impeachments…could not…to bring down the evil Orange man…who, not coincidentally, is the current front-runner for the Republican Presidential nomination and to win the election in ‘24.

Can you smell the stink of politics on this one?

And if you’re wondering how long this whole sad nonsense will go on…the next court hearing is scheduled for three weeks before Christmas.

Better buy some popcorn.