Magic Joe Biden Made Your Spending Power Disappear

I wonder how much Joe Biden incompetence American’s will stand for?

Today we learned that inflation hit a mark it hasn’t seen since ‘82.

Average wages went up almost 5 percent last year/ Sounds like good news.

‘til you factor in inflation.  Put the two numbers together and real spending power went down two and a half percent.

Your paycheck got smaller.

No wonder America’s most popular slogan is “Let’s go Brandon”, or the more direct message “FJB”.

His first day on the job, Biden declared war on energy and now gas prices are 50% higher.

He declared war on private business. He ignored two million illegals crossing the border and ignored the massive supply chain mess that’s left stores in major cities like DC with empty shelves.

Inflation is now baked in the cake.

And what was Beijing Biden doing yesterday?

     Addressing the real issues hurting Americans?

Not at all.  The Devil went down to Georgia…to campaign for busting the filibuster so he can ram through a federal takeover of elections.

Since his democrat party can’t run on it’s actual track record, they need to cheat, again.