LISTEN: Maria Espinoza – Is the refugee caravan the “October surprise”, and how will it impact the midterms?


There is a caravan chugging its way through Mexico of between 7 and 14 thousand illegals headed to America. There are reports or people trying to sneak back into the US, criminals and even middle eastern people with ties to ISIS but is this caravan the “October surprise” that seems to come right before every November election? Lars speaks with Maria Espinoza, the National Director of The Remembrance Project a group dedicated to the friends and family of people killed by illegal aliens or “angel” families, about what this caravan really signals for the upcoming midterm elections.



What should we expect from New Zealand gun owners who are having their guns taken by the government? What is the current administration doing that’s helpful to Native Americans? What can we expect from the economic policies of the 2020 Presidential candidates? What is the VA’s plan of attack to combat the opioid crisis? Is the only major conservative news source becoming another voice for the left? Would an increase in legal immigration help America?