LISTEN: Marc Thiessen – Will The Dems Still Push To Fight Russia When Trump Leaves Office?

From Dwight D. Eisenhower to Ronald Regan and even up to George W. Bush the Republican party has been pretty consistent in their opposition to communism, and the threat that Russia poses as a world power. On the other hand, Democrats have avoided conflict with Russia and instead have pushed for a detente, that is until President Trump took office. Lars speaks with Marc Thiessen, a Fellow at AEI. Op-Ed Columnist at Washington Post who talks about what the left is leaning into.




What should we expect from New Zealand gun owners who are having their guns taken by the government? What is the current administration doing that’s helpful to Native Americans? What can we expect from the economic policies of the 2020 Presidential candidates? What is the VA’s plan of attack to combat the opioid crisis? Is the only major conservative news source becoming another voice for the left? Would an increase in legal immigration help America?