Former CIA Director James Woolsey on the Russian Election Hacking Situation

James Woolsey
Former CIA Director James Woolsey breaks down the Russian Election Hacking Story

By Lars Larson

The lame duck Obama administration is sending weird mixed messages about alleged Russian hacking of November’s Presidential election and I smell a strong whiff of partisan politics.

Let’s add it up: The CIA claims it has proof Putin’s droogs worked a cyber conspiracy to throw the election to Donald Trump. But the CIA’s conclusion doesn’t meet the higher standards of the FBI.

Meanwhile, the office of the director of National intelligence…that’s the umbrella agency that oversees 17 different American intelligence agencies…has not endorsed the CIA’s Jiffy Pop report.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s surrogates are expressing outrage that any foreign country would try to influence our elections.

I might remind the White House that a Senate investigation just this past summer concluded that Obama used hundreds of thousands of American taxpayer dollars in a failed attempt to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister. And no one has yet explained why Putin would want Trump as President when Hillary Clinton was so accommodating to Vlad when she was Secretary of State.

After all, she signed off on the deal that let a state owned Russian company buy 20 percent of America’s Uranium reserves apparently in exchange for a 30 million dollar donation.

I spoke with former CIA Director James Woolsey about this situation. Listen to my exclusive interview below.



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