Liberal Government Thinks Your Body Is Yours, Until They Want You To Do Something

If the messages you hear from government these days confuse you, join the club.

We have federal laws that protect your medical privacy but now we’re told that if you want to go shopping without a face diaper, you have to surrender that privacy?

The Supreme Court tells us privacy between a doctor and a woman means they can plan the death of an unborn baby without government interference and no one needs to know.

But now Lockdown Brown demands you vaccinate and provide proof anytime a storekeeper demands it?  But it’s voluntary, right?

Radical feminists have chanted “our bodies, ourselves” for decades but now, when it comes to a vaccine at least a quarter of Americans distrust…all of a sudden it’s Kate’s call?

Where’s that pink hat brigade when really you need them?

If you take your teenager to a doctor, you have no right to know what’s wrong…or for that matter, what’s being done to fix it.  But if you want to go out to dinner, YOU have to give up your medical records to the maître d?

Business owners must set up the retail equivalent of the TSA at their front door to demand “your papers please” or state government will punish them with tens of thousands in fines.

I always thought liberals opposed the “right to bear arms” so Americans could go shooting.  I misunderstood.  They want all those bare arms so you can get your shot.