Lars Thoughts – You Can’t Blame Trump For Defunding Cities That Let People Die

Liberal politicians had three months to stop the riots.   leaders of the cities chose not to.  Now, they stand to lose big time as President Trump announces he will stop federal funds to four American Anarchist cities…

New York, Washington D.C., Seattle & Portland.

Remember what the most popular book in the world warned? “He that brings trouble on his own house shall inherit the wind”.

That wind blows now

Count the losses already.  Seattle’s Jenny Durkan facing a recall.  Ted Wheeler forced to move out of his own house amid demands for his resignation.  Teddy admits he’s clueless on how to solve it

Governors who refuse to call up their own national guard

Seattle police chief…gone

Portland police…one gone…and the other one demanding just months into the job that politicians…a veiled reference to the man who hired him…should stand up and do what’s right

Tens of millions of dollars in damage 

Businesses destroyed by the double hit of China Virus and looting by thugs

Customers and workers afraid to even venture into these riot zones

And most importantly, two people murdered in riot related incidents in Seattle and one murdered in Portland.  Dozens…heck, it might be hundreds sent to the hospital.

Do you really blame President Trump for vowing NOT to waste federal taxpayer money on dumpster fires like that?