Lars Thoughts – Yesterday’s Impeachment Will Do As Little As The First

Yesterday’s impeachment presents a list of contradictions.

First, Democrats and a few sell out Republicans like Jaime Herrera Beutler blame Trump for inciting a riot with fiery words in a speech.

Only the FBI has already determined criminals planned the assault on the capitol for weeks before the President even spoke.

Second.  President Trump’s 1st impeachment came after two months of House deliberation.

This one took less than a week.  So much for “careful consideration”

The Constitution calls for impeachment in the House, trial in the Senate.

Only there’s no time before inauguration day…so you hear plans for a trial after January 20th.

Except that’s illegal.

The Senate has the power to impeach a President.  The Constitution and a rack of Supreme Court decisions forbid such action against a private citizen.

So, unless Capitol Hill insists Donald Trump will still be President on January 21st…they can’t put him on trial.

Finally, there’s the problem of votes.  Even Jeff Bezos’ very liberal Washington Post counts up the votes for a conviction at least 12 votes short.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted that Trump is so damn dangerous to the country that he must be removed immediately and never run for office again

Yesterday’s vote doesn’t remove the President, can’t convict him, and won’t stop him from running in 2024