Lars Thoughts – Why Won’t Anyone Listen When There Are Concerns About A Student?

By Lars Larson

Our hearts go out to all of those affected by yesterday’s shooting at a Freeman high school near Spokane that took one life and sent three to the hospital.  

Police have identified Caleb Sharpe as the suspected killer.  The hero in all of this is Sam Strahan, a fellow student, who had the courage to try to stop Sharpe and died in the attempt.  But it raises the same questions we’ve been asking since the Thurston High School shooting twenty years ago.

Other students reported that Caleb Sharpe brought threatening notes to school and told folks he might end up in jail or doing something stupid and get jailed or killed.  What meaningful action did the school take after that?  You’d think they would have talked with Sharpe’s parents and asked that any weapons be secured and get him help.  And why don’t we let willing teachers carry concealed weapons?    



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