Lars Thoughts – Will my republican labeled ballot make its way to the counting room in WA state? Your guess is as good as mine.

I value my right to vote.  I also value my privacy. So when I vote, I want voting privacy.  But the state of Washington now demands, right on the front of my ballot envelope, that I declare my republican party membership.  The ballot says that’s required. The ballot includes the clown bus of 13 democrat party candidates, including a few who aren’t even running anymore.  But it only names ONE republican candidate. Which means, my mail ballot will tell anyone who cares WHO I’m voting for by telling ME I must declare my republican party membership…or I can’t vote.  I think that’s foolish. It invades my privacy. And in a state like Washington where cheating made Christine Gregoire Governor not long ago, forgive me for fearing that a republican labeled ballot might just not make it all the way to the counting room.  For some folks, that declaration of party membership, and your name and your phone number provides a powerful weapon to those who don’t share my political beliefs. Telling you and telling me that we must give up our privacy is too high a price to pay to exercise a constitutional right.


Lars Larson

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