Lars Thoughts: Why We Vote

By Lars Larson

Well, here we are on decision day for Oregon and Washington.

We know what’s at stake too.

We know the largely democrat congressional delegations of the Northwest have failed to deliver anything over the past two years except “resist” while America has seen the kind of prosperity Obama never delivered.

Democrat State leaders have failed to deliver successful schools for our kids, sensible budgets and have only asked for billions of dollars in new taxes…in fact, you are voting on some of those billions today.

Voters are being asked to sustain Sanctuary State protection for illegal aliens, even as a caravan of thousands of invaders marches toward our southern border. You have the chance to choose something very different in the votes you cast today.

And while the pro-tax, pro-illegal, pro-criminal, anti-schools, anti-taxpayer forces outnumber conservatives, there are enough votes to win the day if you just pick up that ballot, mark it and take the five-minute side trip to drop it off in the box.

The failure is on elected officials but the fix is on you.



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