Lars Thoughts – Who Needs The Law? Kate Brown Sure Doesnt

Lockdown Kate Brown plans an illegal special session of the Legislature next week to rubber stamp her illegal power grab during the China Virus. Oregon law says NO government body can make ANY decision without a public meeting.

Brown plans a legislative session next week in Marion County where Brown’s own lockdown bars the public from building. And please consider Crooked Kate’s top priorities.

Will lawmakers investigate the massive unemployment failure? The state’s lousy preparation where a stockpile of protective gear ran out in a week? The decision NOT to test nursing home workers for China Virus 6 weeks ago? Could it be Kate Brown’s tweeted endorsement of massive riots that left cities in a shambles? None of those.

Brown shut the state down 3 months ago. That power ran out April 6th. Her handpicked majority on the Supreme Court backed her up. Now she wants a special session to rubber stamp her illegal actions and declare them law.

You citizens? You’re banned from the room when Brown’s cabal of lawmakers takes the vote…in full violation of the open meetings law.

Welcome to the Confederacy of Kate.