Lars Thoughts – Who Cares If Kids Get Hurt As Long As Mob Rule Reigns In Portland

For the sake of everyone, I hope Portland’s new police chief does a great job and stays a long time. Of course, the Rose City has welcomed 8 police chiefs in the past 10 years. Chief Chuck Lovell takes over at a time when the mob in the streets demands that the police bureau be banned from using crowd control tools like tear gas, told to stand down in the face of riots and eventually stripped of all funding.

Good luck Chuck.

Lovell cut his teeth as a school resource officer, making connections in the community mentioned as one of the top reasons for his rise to Chief . Yet, less than a week ago, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Lovell’s new boss, ordered all the resource officers OUT of all schools.

Activists claim that’s a move for racial justice because they don’t want the laws of the community enforced inside the schools of the community. If you have kids in those schools, that should make you very concerned about safety.

Of course, one of the side effects of the China Virus is polls showing up to two thirds of parents have NO plans to send their children back to failing bricks & mortar government schools this fall. If anything, the lack of cops close to classrooms should make that choice even easier.