Lars Thoughts: When you don’t know what’s coming at you, smart folks get ready for ANYTHING

Many in the mainstream media seem mystified by people buying big boxes of bullets. I’m not.  I get it. Fear of the unknown has been hardwired into our DNA. The fancy word is xenophobia.  It’s a slur word today but it’s been a lifesaver baked into humans for hundreds of thousands of years.  When President Trump slapped down a flight ban on China 6 weeks ago, his critics cried “xenophobia”…fear of the foreign. I understood that the President was just protecting this country from a disease that was already in America…but we couldn’t see it: The unknown.  If I had told you 2 weeks ago much of modern American society would be shut down today you’d have called me crazy. Well, that “unknown” arrived. So, what’s coming in the next two weeks? I don’t know and neither do you. When you don’t know what’s coming at you, smart folks get ready for ANYTHING.  Folks who lawfully and responsibly own guns know one thing…you’ll never be sorry about that extra box of bullets you BOUGHT but you could easily be sorry about the one you DIDN’T buy. Full time criminals won’t let China Virus stop their pursuits just because their regular targets close. They’ll just pick new ones. Some of us work very hard NOT to be targets.

-Lars Larson

To learn more about the spike of ammo sales, click the link below.

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