Lars Thoughts – When Bad News For Biden Drops, Tech Giants Try To Cover Your Eyes

The sleaze oozing out of the Joe Biden campaign is stunning.

Consider what we’ve learned in the last 24 hours.

Hunter Biden, with absolutely no qualifications, made millions serving on the board of directors of a Ukrainian natural gas company

His father, then Vice President Joe Biden, used influence to get a prosecutor fired in Ukraine before he investigated Hunter’s employer

Candidate Joe Biden claims he never spoke to his son about his business.

Yet, the emails released yesterday show Hunter was able to set up a personal meeting between a Ukrainian gas executive and VP Biden

The emails show Hunter complaining that his father demanded half of all the money he made from this illicit deal

All Biden’s campaign will say is that the meeting was not on Joe’s official schedule.

That’s a laugh.  Your kid scams millions peddling influence to a foreign government. would you put that meeting on your official schedule?

     Twitter and Facebook tried to block users from sending out the NY Post story on the emails…even going so far as to block the twitter account of the President’s spokeswoman, who joins me on my talk show in a few hours.

Now these tech giants are apologizing all over the place for trying to engineer the news and affect the election.

     I wonder if Papa Joe gets questions about the hunter emails at tonight’s televised town hall…or will the media block that too?