Lars Thoughts – Welcome To Kate Brown’s Oregon

By Lars Larson

She’s not much of a Governor but I have to say, boy does that Kate Brown have some chutzpah!  

Let me give you just two examples of her fine leadership. Example one, under Obamacare medicaid expansion, Brown’s government accidentally and illegally paid out 70 plus million bucks, and now ANOTHER 70 plus million has been identified. Some of that money was paid out, again illegally, for illegal aliens and abortions, but hey, Brown’s a NARAL loving democrat so not a big surprise.  

Will the state claw back the money? Who knows. You can bet that if they overpaid your tax refund, this state would beat you like a rented mule to get it back, abortion and illegals? That’s right there in the Brown wheelhouse.  

Second example, the state’s Department of Human Services which received dozens of complaints about a meth addicted mother of five, who turned into a mother of four after she apparently slept on top her two month old while high, and the little girl died.

The estate of the little baby is now suing the state for 3 million bucks because DHS didn’t even investigate 13 of the complaints. If the estate wins, it appears the money may go right to the meth mom.  Welcome to Kate Brown’s Oregon, and don’t forget to vote for her next year.



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