Lars Thoughts: We will be back to work very soon and we will keep the whole country safe

I hear lots of voices saying “this can’t go on forever”.  By “THIS” they mean the near total shutdown of America’s economy.  They’re right, it can’t…and it won’t. But the life and death decision is “when is it safe to end”.

Lots of things make our economy go.  Skilled workers. Technology. Cash of course. But all of those won’t do anything without the intangible element: certainty.  That’s the thing we’re missing right now. I’m certain the “stay at home” is saving lives right now by limiting the spread of the China Virus. How do I know?  A month ago potential death numbers topped a million or more. Now it’s down to 100-thousand to a quarter of a million? The deaths of a still stunning number of our fellow citizens.  Why the drop? Because we stopped spreading it by stopping the economy, temporarily. Millions have lost their jobs…but Congress passed a bill to up the benefits and get workers and businesses through this.  The latest numbers show deaths peaking in the next two months and then headed down. Can we take two months to save a lot of lives…or would you rather we cranked up the economy again now…and just call those lives collateral damage.  That’s not the America I believe in.

The America I believe in provides help to the small businesses shut down…and it has.

This america provides help to those laid off…with assurances it will be relatively short,

And it has.

This America does not write off people just because they’re old or have health conditions…everyone gets taken care of

We will be back to work…very soon…and we will keep the whole country safe


-Lars Larson

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