Lars Thoughts – Want To Make Sure You Get Access To A Vaccine? Become A Minority

The China Virus vaccine is ready to roll out.

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control stated the obvious advice…the first doses of vaccine should go to those on the front lines…doctors, nurses, other health care workers…as well as staff and patients in nursing home patients where the most at risk live.  That would actually make sense.

But here in the Liberal Northwest, you should count on politics rearing its ugly head.

Governors Brown and Inslee threatened to hold it up for their own unnecessary re-check of the vaccine.

Even though we’ve had months to get ready, and the vaccines are scheduled to arrive in less than two weeks, the Oregon Health Authority says its plan for actually distributing the vaccine is up to a month away.  See if that makes sense.

Add to that, the OHA plan for the vaccine says it has to take into account quote, “the equitable distribution of resources” and “recognizing historical injustices”.

If you don’t have your secret decoder ring handy…that means Kate Brown and company plan to inject race and sexual preference into the equation in figuring out who gets the vaccine first.

I know, Police State Kate promised that science would guide her approach to the China Virus Pandemic

But I’ll bet you didn’t realize she actually meant political science.