Lars Thoughts – Too Late Kate Finally Makes A Move, And It’s The Same One Trump Made Weeks Ago

What’s that they say about karma? “It’s a…

     Oh, let’s just talk about Kate Brown.

The Governor and Portlandia’s newest homeless man, Ted Wheeler, spent the last couple of months disparaging federal help with violent riots that plagued the city for almost a hundred nights.

Now, the Governor agrees to let State Police be deputized as U.S. Marshalls.

It’s a smart move.  Not one I’d expect from the same woman who tweeted a week ago “Oregon isn’t interested in…your political theater, Donald Trump”

But the biggest city in Kate’s Oregon has been set ablaze Antifa terrorists and one of them is suspected in an unprovoked and cold blooded murder.

Kate had a plan to stop the violence.

But the elected Sheriffs of two major counties told “Too Late Kate” to pound sand when she tried to rope THEIR deputies into the chaos.

Her Oregon State Police Superintendent quit abruptly

The brand new DA refuses to prosecute rioters.

The clueless Mayor admits HE has no solution.  Antifa terrorists hate “Tear Gas Ted” so much their protests forced him to move out of his million dollar condo.

So, OSP now gets U.S. Marshall’s authority.  They can bust rioters and send them off to FEDERAL Court.

I want to be the first to tell Governor Brown…welcome to the Right side of America, Katie.