Lars Thoughts – To Kate Brown And Jay Inslee, If You Don’t Work To Make Things Better, You Can’t Complain

It’s time to take stock of where we stand here in the Pacific Northwest. Seven square blocks of Seattle have been walled off by an armed group…and the city refuses to do anything meaningful to stop it

Portland sees 18 straight nights of lawless violence and property destruction and refuses to act.

After those nightly riots, the China Virus has spiked to daily new case numbers double and even triple the average of the last 90 days of infection…and Governor Kate Brown refuses to act.

Illegal aliens, kicked out of our country time after time, still enjoy Sanctuary protection from the same politicians who tell their own citizens they have NO rights

Liberal democrats who run Portland & Seattle, Washington and Oregon seem only willing to punish the law abiding

Businesses ready to re-open Friday were shut back down by Kate Brown on less than a day’s notice.

Churches denied worship gathers for three months watch the Governor fight their Constitutional rights all the way to the State Supreme Court.

The business owners of both states sit silent on the sidelines…when they could stand up to these politicians and demand they stop. When they start whining about the wreckage of their companies…I’ll remind them: You sat silent on the sidelines. You broke it, you own it