Lars Thoughts: The Smell of Democrat Desperation

By Lars Larson

Put your nose in the wind.

Smell that?

It’s Democrat desperation.

They must stop the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. But the accuser bomb they dropped at the 11th hour turned out to be a dud. Dr. Christine Ford is not sure when or where it happened…she says it was two boys or four…and now maybe it was three boys and a girl present when Brett Kavanaugh groped her.

Except that the boys deny it and the girl, a lifelong friend of the accuser says it never happened.

Now, a new accuser from Kavanaugh’s freshman year at Yale.

That story rings weaker still.

The accuser admitted to reporter Ronan Farrow SHE’s not even sure it was Kavanaugh who allegedly dropped his drawers and presented his privates for a moment. After all, she admits she was blind drunk. The New Yorker Magazine that published the story admits it interviewed literally dozens of witnesses and it couldn’t find a single one to back up Debbie Ramirez’ story.

And it bears mention that years later, when she attended a friend’s wedding, Ramirez stood next to Brett Kavanaugh in pictures and smiled.

Do you know any woman, who really HAD BEEN demeaned by a man who stuck his penis in their face, who would stand next to that man for a photo and smile?

Meanwhile, we wait for the MRI scan to find out if Republicans in the United States Senate have the backbone to call a vote and move past this nonsense.



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