Lars Thoughts: The FBI’s Terrible Track Record

By Lars Larson

The FBI hasn’t exactly had a stellar record lately.

It missed the marathon bombers, the pulse nightclub and Parkland’s mass killer Nick Cruz. It’s had scandal after scandal.

And now, special agent Peter Strzok.

The former deputy of counter intelligence at the FBI. The guy who ran the investigation that mysteriously clearing the federal felonies of Crooked Hillary. The man hired by failed Russia Collusion investigator Bob Mueller.

Strzok exchanged 50-thousand text messages with another DOJ employee, Lisa Page. Both were big supporters of Hillary Clinton and they hated Donald Trump with a passion. Strzok promised page to keep Trump from the Presidency and that Hillary would win 100 million to one.

Yesterday, he tried to explain all that to a congressional oversight committee…where he claimed that his personal bias did not carry over to his work for the FBI.

No local sheriff or police chief would put someone with such a bias on an investigation.

But there’s Strozk…still drawing a paycheck from the taxpayers…asking us to believe him…just like his wife likely believed Peter Strozk wasn’t sleeping with his co-worker.



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