Lars Thoughts: The Deep State Bending Rules to Take Your Guns

By Lars Larson

The Northwest offers so many examples of the swamp and the deep state.

You see, when the powers that be want something politically correct to happen, they bend the rules in its favor. When they’re opposed, the rules get a strict interpretation.

Initiative petition 43…which proposes confiscation of literally hundreds of thousands of firearms in Oregon…isn’t even on the ballot.

It needs 100-thousand signatures to make the Fall ballot.

The petitioners started very late and now their ballot title is being challenged in court, as the law allows.

Liberals love to challenge conservative ballot titles and often win.

In this case, they want the gun seizure measure on…and now the Supreme court has agreed to “fast track” challenges to the ballot measure.

So the highest court in the state is now bending the rules to favor one side…that will get another challenge but you can tell that the deep state is hard at work engineering the outcome it wants…no matter what the rules or the people say.



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