Lars Thoughts – The Black Lives Matter Movement Has Been Hijacked By Inept White Mayors Like Ted Wheeler

Black Lives Matter claims its movement has been hijacked.

    No kidding.

    Violent groups like Antifa use the group as an excuse to do battle with police.

    Remember, northwest cities allowed riots like this for years before george floyd died.

    And what’s the body count?

    A black Donald Trump supporter stabbed last week…he’s recovering

    Another black citizen shot over the weekend near the riot zone and allegedly not cooperating with police

    Dozens of federal officers wounded…burned by caustic fluids, blinded by lasers…one man’s hand pierced by nails in the end of a board, injuries from explosives thrown at police.  The Mad Max movies had NOTHING on the rose city

    Portland’s Mayor plays Baghdad Bob on national TV claiming a month of riots wasn’t really a problem…because he told his police officers to let it go on.

    No, Feckless Ted Wheeler claims the problem came when President Trump sent federal officers to enforce the law.

    In Seattle, more riots, more property destruction, more people wounded.

    Seattle’s CHOP zone looked like it would go on forever, until two people were murdered and that brought it to an end

    Portland has seen more than 60 nights of riots.  I just want to know how much blood must spill before the Mayor grows a spine.