Imagine waking up under a tarp in a public park as a garbage truck backs right over your legs. We don’t even know the name of the homeless guy with the crushed legs, but we do know the name of the man who fostered this life threatening situation. Ted Wheeler wakes up every day in a million dollar plus home, with Stanford and Columbia degrees on the wall. You’d think the Mayor would both recognize the physical and moral hazard of his so called homeless policies. You might imagine that Master’s degree in public policy from Harvard would help him craft solutions. So far though, Feckless Ted has failed as a game changer. Tolerating drug addicts living on the streets with tacit approval from city hall puts thousands of lives on the line. It puts them at risk of assault and even death. It creates a public health hazard for the rest of us. As for the roughly 1 billion dollars spent over the last decade by the city and county…Ted might as well have bundled up those Benjamins and set them on fire: at least that would keep the homeless warm . Politician dealers like Wheeler love to spend millions on their own pretty offices, more millions on trade junkets to draw businesses to a city. But when the first thing a visitor sees is future victims living under tarps on the roadside…those hopes created with all that self promotion, get crunched worse than the homeless guy. Ted’s running for re-election by the way and most figure he’s got a leg up on the competition.

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