Lars Thoughts – Ted Wheeler Needs To Own Up To His Failure Or Hit The Road

Blood stains the hands of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (this morning)  today.

Last week, I told you cop hating Antifa terrorists would “riot till someone dies”.

Saturday night, a man shot Aaron Danielson to death.  Some knew Danielson as Jay Bishop.  He was a member of Patriot Prayer, and a supporter of the police and President Trump.

The man identified today by Oregonlive as a suspect is Michael Reinoehl.

Ten weeks ago, Reinoehl posted “Every revolution needs people…willing…to fight. Today’s protesters and Antifa are my brothers in arms”.

7 weeks ago police arrested Reinoehl for illegally carrying a gun, resisting arrest and interfering with police.

A few weeks ago, the new self proclaimed social justice warrior district Attorney, Michael Schmidt, refused to prosecute Reinoehl crimes…and more than 400 other criminal acts by rioters.

As President Trump tweeted out today, “Portland is a mess, and it has been for many years. If this joke of a mayor doesn’t clean it up, we will go in and do it for them!

Wheeler rejects the help, bizarrely blaming the President for Aaron Danielson’s murder.

Wheeler allowed the domestic terrorist group Antifa to stage riots in Portland for several years.

The group that took over ICE headquarters for a time…

The group that nearly killed journalist Andy Ngo

The group that calls all cops bastards, and threatens to murder police nightly at its nearly 100 riots in the Rose City…

The time has come for Wheeler to take responsibility…or take a hike