Lars Thoughts – Ted Wheeler Is All For Free Speech, Until It Comes To People Who Disagree With Him

A battle between Feckless Ted, Portland’s Mayor, and his brand new police chief went public yesterday

Nick Budnick at the Tribune details the fight

A week ago, the Mayor announced he had banned police from using tear gas 

A few hours later, police Chief Chuck Lovell fired back…police need tear gas in “life safety” situations

Now the mayor demands a “communications plan”.  Translation: I’m gonna gag my brand new police chief.

Of course, he could fire the chief 

Three police chiefs in a year.  One that lasted only 6 months.

Personally, I hope you tell “tear gas” Ted, “you can fire me but you can’t tell me how to do my job”. I know, I stole the line from Jesse Stone. So, sue me 

Face it Mr Mayor You’ve screwed the downtown business community 

Rioters can return to the streets and you’re gonna fire an African American police chief? Have fun with that. 

You may be the police commissioner on paper but in the real world chief chuck can call the shots if he has the stones. 

     Ted’s re-election campaign just installed its 3rd campaign manager only 9 months and you have 50 days till  an election.   

incumbent mayors have to work overtime to lose elections. 

Plus you’re up against a woke social justice  lunatic who bills herself as the first antifa mayor in America. Snowflake Sarah plans to defund the police faster than you can say BLM