Lars Thoughts – Ted Wheeler Has A Bad Case Of Gas That He Can’t Blame On Trump Anymore

  I absolutely love it when painful reality forces lying politicians to eat their own words.

   Take Feckless Ted Wheeler, future FORMER Mayor of Portland.

   77 days ago riots began tearing up Teddy’s Town so he let police crack down.

   But when the rioters set up camp right outside the multi millionaire mayor’s fancy condo, this delicate snowflake melted, and HE let rioters run wild.

   President Trump sent in law enforcement to stop destruction of the Federal Courthouse.

    Wheeler even made the ridiculous claim it was Trump’s Troops that caused the riots.         Governor Kate Brown finally caved in and sent state police and homeland security left.

    No surprise, the riots continued, putting the lie to Wheeler’s blame claim.

    When federal law enforcement used tear gas, Tear Gas Teddy went down for a taste one night, surrounded by his own government security of course, before beating a hasty retreat in a hail of F bombs aimed at HIM.

    Ted condemned chemical weapons when he could blame it on Trump.

    Last night, another riot, more lives and property put at risk.

    This Time it was Teddy’s Troops who put gas to the mob.

    I wonder who Wheeler blames this time.

    As Proverbs warns, “He that troubleth his own house, shall inherit the wind” or in this case, the Gas.

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